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Government Assistance

Our unique software (a Real-Time canvas) and scholastics lets

families get their money back (reimbursement):

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Family Empowerment Scholarship

  • Other forms of Government Assistance

  • Download our Reimbursement FlowChart to see how it works!

Medicaid Flyer.png

How It Works

Medicaid is a government program that provides health insurance to families. To qualify, the government evaulates some of the following criteria:

  • Number of members in a household

  • Annual Income

  • The severity of person's health issues - mentally, physically, terminally, etc. 

  • Age of household members

  • Special needs

  • Other...

Health insurance companies will advertise their coverage in different ways from Expanded Benefits, to Configurable Wallets, Children's Medical Services, and more. 

How FlipSetter Works
As A Medicaid / Medicare Software

Dear Diary.png

FlipSetter is a unique software built by a team that specializes in research, current trends, economics and disruption to promote positive growth. Our FlipSetter Academy (scholastic portion) incubated from the prestigious UF Innovation Hub. Our software which consists of:

- Instant Messaging

- Shapes, graph paper, lined paper and regular paper

- Moving objects, P2P drawing, studying and collaboration

- Canvas capturing algorithm

- Textboxes

- AI (coming soon)

In combination with the competitive landscape of GPA, scholarships, test preparation, graduation and Continuing Higher Education (CHE) these events frequently cause anxiety and other mental health concerns which dramatically affects mental and behavioral health. Our software uses group messaging which families can invite psychiatrists, therapists, counselors and more to:


- Track behavior, events and conversations

- Look at medication charts and history

- Provide teletherapy and other therapy techniques during consultations

There is a strong correlation between high scholastic performance and good mental health, versus low / struggling scholasic performance and poor mental health. 

Families that are on Medicaid can enroll FlipSetter (software) and FlipSetter Academy (scholastic services) into their Medicaid and other Government Assistance programs through their Case / Care Managers and eligible to receive reimbursement (your money) back. It is very important for you have a Case Manager for your family, so they can help your family enroll our platform into your coverage. 

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