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Introducing - Indeszyne by FlipSetter!

"Design something from the inside!"

Indeszyne is FlipSetter's brand new, mobile app that includes:

  • Messenger

  • Our popular whiteboard tools

  • Textboxes

  • Group and Standard (messages and whiteboard)

  • and more!

  • Install our app for free today and get started!

***Scroll down to learn more about installing on Android, Iphone / Ipad or both, app walkthrough and how to use!

***Before using Indeszyne, please watch these two video tutorials below 

Indeszyne Setup

App Walkthrough

For iOS - Iphone and Ipad

How To Setup on Iphone and Ipad

  1. Go to and create an account

  2. Click on the Apple icon below and follow the prompt.


Before proceeding further, please watch the 'Indeszyne Setup & App Walkthrough' videos for a complete overview


Experience Indeszyne's elegance and beauty, expand your creativity, design and enjoy with friends and family:

  • Apple devices are compatible with any universal, fine tip bluetooth stylus

  • Ipad + Apple Pencil complement each other 

  • Which Apple Pencil do I use? Click on the Support Link 

***DO NOT upload videos. Coming soon!

For Android - Coming soon!


Experience the elegance and beauty of Indeszyne on your Android devices. Expand your creativity, design and enjoy with friends and family:

  • Android devices are compatible with any universal, fine tip, bluetooth stylus. 

  • Works beautifully with any device with built in stylus i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note series, LG, TCL, Motorola and more.

  • To get more creative with Android, visit Stylus Phones


Coming Soon!

- Video Uploader                                                  

- P2P / Group Whiteboarding                   

- Notifications                                             

- Real-Time Messaging                              

- Emojis & Reactions                                   

- Whiteboard features: embed canvas image, Undo / Redo, Refresh, Palm Rejection

- P2P / Group Video Calls

- Stay signed in

- My Personal Canvas

- Background image

- Friends / Contacts (import and invite)


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