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Weekly assignments

The DEMOs below are available for download as a part of the FlipSetter Academy Lecture series curriculum. Every DEMO is part of the weekly homework assignments reflected thorugh your weekly bootcamp training: Math, Reading and Writing

To access the full homework content and solutions, you may subscribe to our online community which also grants you whiteboard access. Join us and see why students and tutors are migrating to us!

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What are the benefits of being a FlipSetter subscriber?

- Privatized network for all members in the group / classroom 

- We are HIPAA level secured and follow other federal guidelines i.e. COPPA, DCMA, FCC, GDPR, and more

- Enjoy the luxuries of our FlipSetter Cloud. Engineered to be accessible anywhere, anytime on any device

- You can do in-person and virtual at the same time! (Brand New Feature!)

- Information Directory keeps track of documents, images, videos, audio and more

- Deploy our user-friendy bots to retrieve documents, summon online content, articles and more

- No more refreshing links. If all participants are in the group, that's all!

- All participants receive the same call everytime in the group!

- As a subscriber, you can be enrolled into our How To articles & Tip of the Week. We also welcome our subscribers to reflect on their experiences as well!

For more information on what our subscriptions can do for you, please visit -

All tutors will be under a "Right To Use" licensing agreement which grants you unlimited ways to customize your tutoring experience and classroom. All materials will be provided by us to kick start your career! 

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