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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
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What is the SAT?

The SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It’s issued by the CollegeBoard and is an option for students to stay competitive above others and to continue on the path to success.

Who takes the SAT?

It’s a national exam taken by high school students in grade levels 10th, 11th and 12th. Students submit their scores to get into college, top ranked universities and can earn the best scholarships (FREE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS!)

What is tested on the SAT?

 Reading, Writing and Math (Utilize your skills gained from the SAT to mold your inner philosophies!)


Section 1 – Reading (basic ability to decipher what other people have accomplished and shows you a path to success.)             

                          65 minutes, 52 questions


Section 2 – Writing (express your thoughts, emotions and dreams; and to motivate others to follow you. Transition from a follower to a leader)       


                          35 minutes, 44 questions


Section 3 & 4 – Math (it’s the language of the future. It powers the next generation)


                          Section 3 (25 minutes, 20 questions)                 Section 4 (55 minutes, 38 questions)

Total time length for the test: 180 minutes (3 hours)                Total number of questions: 154 questions

Is the SAT for me?

FlipSetter Academy encourages all students to take the SAT because it's a Think-Outside-The-Box type of test where your aptitude is challenged and it's excellent practice that raises awareness for:

- Job Placement                         - Life-Long Skills

- Presentations                           - Life Decisions

- Higher Education

This is why it's called the Scholastic "Aptitude" Test and is a great way to be exposed to, and to be aware that your Aptitude will always be challenged.

Other benefits...

- Getting into the college of your choice

- Standing out from the masses with a high score

- Making you feel smarter & gaining confidence

- A higher score equals access to great scholarships

What is considered a competitive score?

Any score that is 1400 and above

What is the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship?

The Florida Bright Future Scholarship program is a stated issued (Florida) scholarship program for qualifying students for the best State University coverage for qualifying students. The SAT IS REQUIRED for Bright Futures. ***The higher the SAT scores the more benefits students can enjoy

For more information on how the Bright Future Scholarship program works for 2021 - 2022 Academic Calendar years we encourage you download the PDF below. 

What are the age requirements for the SAT?

According to the Collegeboard, any student that is age 14 and above, 9th grade and above is eligible to take the SAT. (Their terms may change every year, so click on this link to learn more)

What is FlipSetter Academy's cost for the SAT?

Our flat rate is $25 / Hour. We are currently offering a 6 hours course per week. For more informaiton, please download our Services Agreement.

Princeton Review - SAT.png

***Compatible with the SAT 2023-2024 Exams because contents, format and sections are the same.

Current Weekly Plans
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$150 / Week

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