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Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
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What is the GMAT?

The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admissions Test and it taken for admissions into Graduate Business school that focus mostly on management, business and other entrepreneurship based disciplines. The MBA being one of the most common degrees to pursue after taking the GMAT. 

Who takes the GMAT?

Anyone who is interested in pursuing graduate school for higher level education to earn a Master's Degree in Business school - finance, accounting, economics, business administration and management. 

What is on the GMAT?

The GMAT contains 4 sections - verbal, quantitative, and integrated reasoning and critical thinking. These are general improvement skills for various disciplines required for business school.

Is the GMAT?

If you want to pursue higher education i.e. an MBA, Master's in Science, etc. A Master's degree is great for people looking for leadership positions, administrative, project management, etc. Common promotions can be Vice President, Senior Project Manager, Senior Team Leader and other prestigious positions require organization skills to manage a team, present deliverables and overall work efficiency.

Other benefits...

- Become a leader amongst your co-workers

- Higher level salary with greater benefits

- Rise to prominence and work your way on to the top

- Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and effort

What is considered a competitive score?

A competitive score for the GMAT is a 730 or higher.. 

What is FlipSetter Academy's cost for the GMAT?

Our flat rate is $25 / Hour. We are currently offering a 6 hours course per week. For more informaiton, please download our Services Agreement.


***Compatible with the GMAT 2023-2024 Exams because contents, format and sections are the same.

Current Weekly Plans
(more information is available on our Services Agrement)

$150 / Week

***After your purchase, please immediately email us at for the next steps. 

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