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Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

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What is the TOEFL?

The TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. Issued by the, it's an English proficiency language test that incorporates reading, writing, listening and speaking sections. 

Who takes the TOEFL?

Roughly 3 million students / people take the TOEFL every year. English is the global language, practiced by everyone. Since FlipSetter is technology partners with the World Trade Center of Tampa Bay, a chapter within the global World Trade Centers Association network, we are also helping other countries. The test spans a coverage of more than 165 countries to help train their communities on essential English skills. 

What is tested on the TOEFL?

Proficiency on the use of English using: Reading, listening, speaking and writing

Reading: critical reading skills i.e. vocabulary, author's meaning, organization, important details, etc.

Listening: conversations, lectures, function, details, inferences and collecting information from audio

Speaking: the art of conversation, integrated with reading and lectures, tasks

Writing: the different types of writing, using the eight parts of speech, and sentence types

Is the TOEFL for me?

If you're looking to improve your English whether you're foreign or domestic, the TOEFL is an excellent and practice exam to refresh your English language knowledge, improve reading, writing and speaking skills, and learn how today's industries are heavy with jargon to improve your professionalism. 

Other benefits...

- Getting into the college / employment of your choice

- Standing out from the masses with a high score

- Making you feel smarter & gaining confidence

- A higher score equals access to great scholarships and employment

- Land a job opportunity with our WTC networks from your country of origin

- Stellar speaking, writing, reading and listening skills (imperative for global educational and professional opportunities)

What is considered a competitive score?

Any score that is 100 or above. A 100 TOEFL score translates to an 80% on the TOEFL. The higher the score, the better the opportunities that unfold!

What is FlipSetter Academy's cost for the TOEFL?

Our flat rate is $25 / Hour. We are currently offering a 6 hours course per week. For more informaiton, please download our Services Agreement

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Featured Book - This book is compatible with 2023 - 2024 TOEFL test because the question format is the same

Current Weekly Plans
(more information is available on our Services Agrement)

$150 / Week

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