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Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

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***Course outline is built into the agreement

What is the ASVAB?

The ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and is a multiple subsection test offered by the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command used to determine who is qualified to enlist in the Armed Forces and is an effective vocational test for career seekers. It uses a series of subtests which are described below ranging from: math, general sciences, mechanics, word knowledge, reading comprehension, vocabulary, electronics and more. 

Who takes the ASVAB?

Military, vocational and other students interested in future career planning and military. The ASVAB can help you get recruited into the military, look for employment and specialized staff can provide specific job placements for you.  Some of FlipSetter Academy's most common requests are Arithmetic Reasoning, Math Knowledge and Word Knowledge.

What is on the ASVAB?

***FlipSetter Academy is qualified to instruct every section, so it's an all-inclusive program. We ask our tutors to take a full test and to score 90-100% on the test before their services can be rendered. Our founder, Sam The Tutor scored a perfect, and FlipSetter Academy's proprietary lecture series is a reflection of his strategies for others to strive for the same score. The score you earn is a great way in exploring rewarding career pathways. We recommend seeking a counselor or career coach to discuss the results of your test for these opportunities. 


GS – General Science                                    AR – Arithmetic Reasoning

WK – Word Knowledge                                  PC – Paragraph Comprehension

MK – Math Knowledge                                  EI – Electronics Information

AS – Auto and Shop Information                 MC – Mechanical Comprehension

Is the ASVAB for me?

The ASVAB provides general aptitude skills for math, reading, general sciences and more while adopting a trade school approach with shop, mechanical and electronic knowledge. It is a very involved test and opens up many opportunities scholastically and professionally. 

Other benefits...

- Getting into schools, employment or other opportunities 

- Standing out from the masses with a high score

- Making you feel smarter & gaining confidence

- A higher score equals leads to rewarding employment much like a solid resume

What is considered a competitive score?

The general rule thumb is the higher the score leads to better opportunities

What is FlipSetter Academy's cost for the ASVAB?

Our flat rate is $25 / Hour. We are currently offering a 6 hours course per week. For more informaiton, please download our Services Agreement.

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Featured Book - This is the book used for training specifically by FlipSetter Academy staff. 

Current Weekly Plans
(more information is available on our Services Agrement)

$150 / Week

***After your purchase, please immediately email us at for the next steps. 

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