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Business Consulting

What industries can FlipSetter help with?

FlipSetter has been repurposed as a "Digital Office and School supplies" tool. With that, we believe in a "back to the drawing board" approach in coming up with ideas, strategies and techniques to help business owners deliver the products and services they strive to provide their customers.


- Startups

- Prototyping 

- Mobile apps

- E-commerce

- Real Estate

- Recreational

- Entertainment

- Social media

- Business plan development

- Script writing for video production

- Other - Inquire for more details.

If you have a business idea, we just need to know the following:

- Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

This helps us build up a book report format / template that will help you gather your ideas together.

Why do we need the FlipSetter whiteboard?

Built by our FlipSetter team of engineers and developers, it is one of the most complete solutions you'll find online. The multi-faceted canvas tools that we have let you import canvas content to other software products which provides the perfect all-in-one add on that can be built as a quick launch social media icon on to your business website. Bring your customers into a user-friendly messaging system to deploy Customer Service, retention, documentation and more!

What more can I do on FlipSetter for $9.99 per month?

Whiteboard info.png
down to business!.png

What are the benefits of being a FlipSetter subscriber?

- Privatized network for all members in the group 

- We are HIPAA level secured and follow other federal guidelines i.e. COPPA, DCMA, FCC, GDPR, and more

- Enjoy the luxuries of our FlipSetter Cloud. Engineered to be accessible anywhere, anytime on any device

- You can do in-person and virtual at the same time! (Brand New Feature!)

- Information Directory keeps track of documents, images, videos, audio and more

- Deploy our user-friendly bots to retrieve documents, summon online content, articles and more

- No more refreshing links. If all participants are in the group, that's all!

- All participants receive the same call every time in the group!

- As a subscriber, you can be enrolled into our How To articles & Tip of the Week. We also welcome our subscribers to reflect on their experiences as well!

For more information, visit us at 

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