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Start Your Business

FlipSetter Academy is now providing a Ready-To-Use system for educators and people interested in starting their own tutoring business with our In-Demand Lecture Series. Hybrid learning is becoming more popular and we designed a way for you to extend your areas of expertise by becoming YOUR OWN BOSS!

Being your own boss lets you:
- Customize your own content
- Maintain your own hours
- Turn your expertise into a $$$ lucractive career as a side business
- Fulfill your dream as an entrepreneur in the education space
- Be a part of the online tutoring community
- Be proud of showing off your areas of expertise

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Be inclusive! FlipSetter Academy's lecture series uniquely incorporates the following segments as a way to continue doing what they love doing, plus specialize in mentoring with general educational concepts for specific goals:

- Standardized Test Preparation
- GPA increase / booster
- Open ended discussions
- Real world experiences outside of class
- How to apply the subject matter in a career
- And more!

Segments covered:

- Math: Geometry, algebra, trigonometry, graphs and word problems (the staples of standardized math)
- Writing: Grammer, styles, punctuation, logic, mechanics and strategy
- Reading: Comprehension, strategies, vocabulary, logic and speed reading

FlipSetter Academy can also publicize your tutor's profile i.e. expertise, demo video of your tutoring style, and your professional background. 



You can now download the FlipSetter Academy branded App provided by "Spaces" from Wix!

- Create your own business group
- Become a site member
- Manage your students, staff and scheduling effectively
- All for free!


Install our FlipSetter Academy branded mobile app for connecting with students once you become a site member! There are no startup costs to start your own tutoring business with FlipSetter Academy's tools. For more information, please out the form below and a representative can assist you further! 

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